What are the benefits of the Tradesman Policy

Each policy provides Public/Products Liability insurance, with an option to add Employer's Liability cover. When Employer's Liability is selected, is we automatically provide cover for payments to Labour Only Sub Contractors up to €7,500 and Bona Fide Sub Contractors up to 25% of your turnover*. Cover for higher amounts are readily available, for a small additional premium, although you must inform us in advance if you expect either of these limits to be exceeded.

In addition each policy provides cover for:

  • Contractual Liability (subject to the terms of the policy we will indemnify the policyholder in respect of liability which arises out of the performance of any contract or agreement)
  • Cross Liability (in the event the policyholder named in the schedule comprises more than one party, we treat each as though a separate policy had been issued to them.
  • Compensation for court attendance up to a maximum of €7,500 in any one period of insurance
  • Legal expenses arising from Health and Safety Legislation in respect of any criminal proceedings brought in respect of a breach of the Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989 or similar legislation in the Republic of Ireland.

The Cover365 Tradesman policy does not require you to disclose wages estimates, nor do we require an adjustment at the end of each period of insurance. However policyholders are required to make a new statement of fact at each renewal date, detailing any changes in their business or number of employees for the forthcoming period of insurance.

* You are required to check that all Bona-Fide Sub Contractors employed hold their own Employers and Public Liability insurance appropriate to the work being carried out.

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