Are There Any Significant Policy Exclusions

 Yes: In line with all Liability Insurances, there are some exclusions and limitations.

  • No cover is provided for employees who are operating offshore, or where compulsory motor insurance is required, where Employer's Liability Insurance is included.
  • Damage to property belonging to the policyholder or under the custody or control of the policyholder or any employee is excluded. (This exclusion does not however extend to property including motor vehicles belonging to an employee or visitor).
  • Liability arising out of the ownership or use of any motor vehicle where compulsory cover is required under Road Traffic Act legislation, or any aircraft, or mechanically powered water vessel, is excluded.
  • Liability in respect of any judgement or award made in the courts of the United States or Canada.
  • The costs associated with remedying any defects or alleged defects in land or buildings or structures disposed of by the policyholder are excluded.

In addition we are unable to offer cover arising out of or in connection with:

any work on or in, or involving

  • work on gasholders, towers, steeples, bridges, viaducts, blast furnaces, chimney or well shafts, dams or tunnels, mines, colliery winding gear and hangers for any purpose.
  • work involving the making of excavations exceeding three metres in depth from the surface.
  • work at a height greater than 10m from the ground surface or if working internally a height greater than 10m from the floor surface
  • demolition of any kind unless such work forms part of a contract for the erection, reconstruction, alteration or repair of buildings or structures and provided that such demolition is by hand held tools only.
  • piling, the use of explosives, water diversion, quarrying, tunneling or work under water.
  • the felling or lopping of trees
  • work in or on power stations, nuclear installations, refineries, bulk storage tanks, oil gas or chemical works, aircraft, hovercraft, watercraft, wharves, piers or jetties, railways, railway stations or airports (air-side).
  • Stand-alone Roofing Contracts not forming part of a contract for the erection, reconstruction, alteration or repair of buildings or structures

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